Robot Actuator AK60-6 V1.1 With Driver Board

Product Code: AK60-6

Robot Actuator AK60-6 V1.1 With Driver Board
Brand: T-Motor

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Product information "Robot Actuator AK60-6 V1.1 With Driver Board"

  • Easy to control and compact in size
  • Integrated with encoder and driver
  • Professionally applied for exoskeleton use

The Cubemars AK60 6V1.1 KV80 Brushless DC Motor w/ Encoder & Driver for Robot is an ultra-light, high-integrated dynamic module with an impressive thinness of 39.5mm and a weight of only 368g. It features low noise operation, strong power, low cogging torque, smooth running, high resolution and high precision control with 0.05 degrees. This motor also combines a planetary gear solution with a 6:1 reduction ratio for easy installation. It is ideal for use in legged robots, exoskeletons and cobot arms.




Weight (g): 368

Voltage (V): 24

Rated Torque (Nm): 3

Peak Torque (Nm): 9

Max Speed @ Rated Torque (rpm) (Output): 220

Rated Current (A): 4.5

Peak Current (A): 13.5

Kt (Nm/A): 0.113

Kv (RPM/V): 80

Ke (V/rpm): 0.012

Km (Nm/w): 0.15

Number of Pole Pairs: 14

Resistance Phase to Phase (mohms): 605 5

Inductance Phase to Phase (uH): 415 10

Outer Diameter (mm): 79

Height (mm): 39.5

Max Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/kg): 24.46

Reduction Ratio: 6:1

Packages Includes:

1 x Robot Actuator AK60-6 V1.1

1x Driver Board

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