Rplidar A3

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Rplidar A3
Rplidar A3
Rplidar A3
Brand: Slamtec

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rplidar a3 - Slamtec

25 meters range radius

16000 samples per second

Indoor and outdoor availability


  •  Slamtec RPLIDAR A3M1 360 ° laser scanner
  •  Distance: 10-25m
  •  Sample rate: 16,000-10,000 times per second
  •  Sample rate: 10-20 Hz
  •  Angular resolution: 0.3375 °, 0.54 °
  •  Supports previous SDK protocols

The sampling rate of the Slamtec RPLIDAR A3 360 ° Laser Scanner (25 m) directly determines whether the robot can create the map quickly and accurately. RPLIDAR A3 improves the internal optical design and algorithm system to increase the sampling rate up to 16,000 times, which is much better than most competitors. With the optimization of the algorithm, the range radius of RPLIDAR A3 has been increased to 25 meters, which means that more outline information has to be collected.

Slamtec RPLIDAR A3 360° Laserscanner (25 m) - Zum Vergrößern klicken

Alternatively, RPLIDRA A3 supports two modes: extended mode and outdoor mode. In advanced mode, the RPLIDAR A3 uses the maximum range radius and sampling rate to achieve an optimistic indoor mapping performance. In outdoor mode, RPLIDAR A3 operates with more reliable daylight interference. It retains its stable performance in detecting white and black objects. The removal core of RPLIDAR A3 runs clockwise to perform omnidirectional 360 degree rounding.

Slamtec RPLIDAR A3 360° Laser Scanner (25 m)

The A3 uses the principle of laser triangulation, and with the fast RPVision removal engine, it measures distance data and then creates an overview map of the environment. With the carefully designed parts and internal mechanical system, the RPLIDAR A3 maintains its extraordinary performance within its 4-cm-thick compact size. It is ideal for all types of service robots.


Application scenarios:

  •  Advanced Mode: Extreme Performance Ideal for indoor environments with maximum range and sampling frequency.
  •  Outdoor mode: Extreme reliability Ideal for outdoor and indoor use with reliable daylight resistance.
  •  Distance range: White object: 25 meters, White object: 25 meters, Black object: 10 meters, Black object: 10 meters
  •  Sampling rate: 16,000 times per second, 10,000 times per second
  •  Scan Rate: Typical Value: 15 HZ (adjustable between 10 HZ-20 HZ)
  •  Angular resolution: 0.3375 °, 0.54 °
  •  Communication interface: TTL UART
  •  Communication speed: 256,000 bps
  •  Compatibility: Supports previous SDK protocols


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