BitMaker - Grove Expansion Board for Micro:bit (6 Grove ports)

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BitMaker - Grove Expansion Board for Micro:bit (6 Grove ports)
BitMaker - Grove Expansion Board for Micro:bit (6 Grove ports)
BitMaker - Grove Expansion Board for Micro:bit (6 Grove ports)
BitMaker - Grove Expansion Board for Micro:bit (6 Grove ports)
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BitMaker is a credit card sized extension board designed for connecting micro:bit with convenient plug and play Grove modules. The Grove series has different kinds of sensors, actuators, communication modules and displays etc which will extend the micro:bit's allowing students to create more exciting projects.

BitMaker is an expansion board for micro:bit. It is designed for micro:bit users to discover cool and amazing functions of micro:bit. It's very easy to use - you just have to slide it into the micro:bit and then connect your chosen Grove module to a connection port. If you haven't heard of Grove before, Grove is a Seeed Studio series which you can read more about here.

BitMaker has an inbuilt programmable RGB LED and a buzzer to allow beginners to extend their micro:bit projects even before they add additional modules.
If you wish to start out adding Grove modules, we recommend that you buy a BitGadget Kit which includes a BitMaker and 9 different Grove modules! This is a nice choice for micro:bit intermediate learners to carry out their micro:bit experiments.


•    Plug & play

•    Increases micro:bit functionality: comes with an RGB LED and a buzzer,   has a power switch and a power indicator, and six spare grove connectors.

•    Powered by a USB cable

•    Supports MakeCode programming

•    Supports microPython programming

•    Comes with a professional course set

Education Focus

With the BitMaker, students will develop open-source electronics understanding as well as programming skills. Students must exercise creative thinking and use their hands as they design their own projects, customizing functions through graphical programming. Not only can kids build knowledge of the modules and graphical programming, but they can also learn how to create their own DIY projects.

This kit is suitable for:

Maker teachers / DIY hobbyists / highschool students / micro:bit beginners


Project 1: Mini Music Player
This is a simple but cool music player made with the BitMaker. You can use it to play your favorite music.
Project 2: Random Music Player, Having Fun with an Accelerometer
The accelerometer of micro:bit and BitMaker are combined together in this project. Every time you shake the micro:bit, it plays a different melody.
Project 3: Rock-Paper-Scissors

When you shake the micro:bit, the matrix with randomly choose to display scissors, rock or paper symbols so you can play with your friends!

Part List 

  • 1x BitMaker
  • 1x User Guide


Power Supply: via micro USB cable
Working Voltage: 5V
Working Current: 1.5A (Max) Built-in overcurrent protection
Package Dimensions: 75 (L) * 75 (W) * 25 (H)  (Measurement error may exist)
Weight: 40 (g)
Age for Use: All ages


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