BitMaker Lite

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BitMaker Lite
BitMaker Lite
BitMaker Lite
BitMaker Lite
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BitMaker Lite is a cheaper, smaller and more compact version of BitMaker. It has only 3 Grove ports, but it’s quite sufficient for many projects. If you want to access more GPIOs, BitMaker Lite also provides breakouts of all available pins of micro:bit, you can solder header connectors to use them. 


  • Compact design for space-saving projects
  • Plug and play
  • Built-in speaker for playing melody
  • Up to 3 Grove ports (of which 1 I2C port)
  • Overcurrent protection (rated at 1.5A)
  • Reserves touchable pins P1 and P2 from micro:bit
  • Breakouts for micro:bit edge connector
  • Fully support Microsoft Makecode and microPython

Part List 

  • 1x BitMaker Lite

  • 1x User Guide
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