6V Pressure Pump

Product Code: Seeed 114990075

6V Pressure Pump
6V Pressure Pump
6V Pressure Pump
6V Pressure Pump
Brand: Seeedstudio

GST inclusive


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This product has been discontinued.

This is a mini DC pressure pump.

It has been used widely, like blood pressure monitors, various instruments, medical application, and automatic machine assembly and vary kinds of machinery, etc.



·         Rated Voltage: DC6V
·         Rated Current: 0.3A
·         Inflation time: < 10 Second (From 0 to 300mmHg in a 500CC tank.)
·         Max. Pressure: > 450 mmHg (>60KPA >0.6KG)
·         Leakage Max: < 3 mmHg/minute
·         Air Flow Rate: > 2.0 LPM
·         Apply For Air 
·         Diameter:  4.2 mm
·         Size: 27*58 mm


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