16mm Speaker: 16 Ohm, 0.5 W

Product Code: Pololu #1259

16mm Speaker: 16 Ohm, 0.5 W

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This small, 0.5 W speaker is compact way to add high-fidelity sound (compared to typical units this size) that can bring your project to life (or to annoy your friends and family with loud sirens and squawks!). The 16 Ω impedance makes it possible to drive this speaker directly from the I/O lines of some microcontrollers, such as those on the Orangutan robot controllers and the Arduino. The speaker includes two 30mm leads for quick integration, and masked adhesive around the speaker face allows for easy mounting. The speaker’s specifications can be found in its datasheet (163k pdf).



Frequency response curve for the 16mm speaker.
16mm speaker dimensions (in mm).
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