Disposable ECG Electrodes (10 PCS) - 3M

Product Code: MGSL-1725

Disposable ECG Electrodes (10 PCS) - 3M
Disposable ECG Electrodes (10 PCS) - 3M
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Disposable ECG Electrode is Ag or AgCl electrode, which consist of base lining material, conductive gel, and electrode buckle. The base lining material uses the nonwoven fabric, the breathable paper, cotton or PE and foam with medical hypoallergenic adhesive. It's Y type S55 here.

Compatible with 5 lead ECG cable - Marquette Compatible. 

Electrical performance

  • Separate AC Impedance: ≤3KΩ
  • Average AC Impedance : ≤2KΩ
  • DC offset voltage: ≤100mV
  • internal noise: ≤150µ

Simulated defibrillation recovery performance

  • discharge in the 5th second electrode to voltage: ≤100mV
  • average rate of change every 10 second: ≤±1mV/S
  • simulated defibrillation Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy: ≤3KΩ
  • bias current tolerance: ≤100mV


  • cytotoxicity : ≤1 level
  • primary skin irritation: PⅡ0.0-1.9
  • sensitization: <1 level
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