Slamtec Zeus

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Slamtec Zeus
Slamtec Zeus
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Zeus is an extendable General Purpose Robot Platform. With built-in high-performance SLAMWARE auto localization and navigation system, Zeus can work with other applications in varies commercial environments and there is no need to adjust it from outside or set it by programming.

Product Specification

  • Food & Drink Delivery

  • Walking Information Desk

  • Items Transfer

  • Accompaniment 


  • Mobile

  • Video

  • Family

  • Food and
    beverage delivering

  • Walking
    information desk

  • Private
    items transfer


Autonomous mapping,
localization & navigation.

No human assistance required

Third-party applications

Open source platform both in software and hardware. Support for extending hardware or develop applications via SLAMWARE SDK

Autonomous recharging

Available for scheduling

Go back to charge station automatically

Cloud remote management

Remote management for registered

Zeus platform based on Cloud services




Weight : about 50KG
Maximum radius: 325mm±5mm
Height: 703mm±10mm
Battery: 24V, 60AH Li-ion
Network: 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4/5GHz
Core: SLAMWARE solution
Configured sensors: Ultrasonic, cliff, impact sensors,
                                    LIDAR, Depth camera
Interfaces: Ethernet, Power interface: DC 18-25.2V 10A Max
Switcthes: Power switch, Reset switch, etc.

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