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SparkFun is an online retail store that sells the bits and pieces to make your electronics projects possible. No matter what your vision is, our products and resources are designed to make the world of electronics more accessible to the average person. In addition to products, SparkFun, through our Department of Education, offers classes and online tutorials designed to help educate individuals in the wonderful world of embedded electronics. Our ever-growing product catalog boasts over 3,500 components and widgets designed to help you unleash your inner inventor.

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12V Solenoid Valve - 3/4"
  Have you ever wanted to control the flow of a liquid using your computer or microcontrolle..
50 Channel GP-635T GPS Receiver
This is a retired product. There is an updated version available: GPS-13670  The GP..
6 Degrees of Freedom IMU Digital Combo Board - ITG3200/ADXL345
This is a simple breakout for the ADXL345 accelerometer and the ITG-3200 gyro. With this board, you ..
6" Digital Calipers
  Description: Digital calipers are an absolute essential. Here at MG Super LABS we use..
7-Segment Display - 20mm (White)
For a long time we've had small 7-segment displays and huge 7-segment displays, but no..
9 Degrees of Freedom - MPU-9150 Breakout
The 9DOF MPU-9150 is the world’s first 9-axis MotionTracking MEMS device designed for the low ..
9 Degrees of Freedom - Razor IMU Sensor
The 9DOF Razor IMU incorporates three sensors - an ITG-3200 (MEMS triple-axis gyro), ..
9 Degrees of Freedom - Sensor Stick
The 9DOF Sensor stick is a very small sensor board with 9 degrees of freedom. It includes the ADXL34..
900MHz Duck Antenna RP-SMA
900/1800 MHz Duck Antenna 2dBi with regular RP-SMA RF connector. Perfect for use with the XBee 900MH..
AD8232 Single Lead Heart Rate Monitor
 The AD8232 Single Lead Heart Rate Monitor is a cost-effective board used to measure the electr..
Alcohol Gas Sensor MQ-3
  This semiconductor gas sensor detects the presence of alcohol gas at concentrations from 0..
Analog to Digital Stereo Converter Breakout - PCM1803A
This product has been Discontinued. The PCM1803A is a high-performance, low-cost, 24-bit stereo a..
Arduino and Breadboard Holder
 We've been prototyping for a long time on these awesome little plastic plates but it's..
Arduino Pro 328 - 3.3V/8MHz
Description:  It’s blue! It’s skinny! It’s the Arduino Pro! SparkFun&rsquo..
Arduino Pro 328 - 5V/16MHz
Description: It’s blue! It’s skinny! It’s the Arduino Pro! SparkFun’s min..

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