TB3 Waffle Plate-IPL-01 (8ea)

Product Code: ROBT 903-0259-000

TB3 Waffle Plate-IPL-01 (8ea)
TB3 Waffle Plate-IPL-01 (8ea)

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Features :

TurtleBot3 Plate

Can connect various devices by using bolts.

Can connect 6mm frames by using rivets.

TurtleBot3 can be modified into various shapes as the frames can be assembled in various directions.

Does not break easily as it is made of engineering plastic.

Please refer to TB3 instruction for more details.

Package Components

TB3 Waffle Plate-IPL-01 8
PHS M3x8K 50
NUT M3 50

Compatible Products:

Dynamixel X430 series

6mm parts (Dream/Smart sets)

How to Use :


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