UXP 16-Channel Programmable 10K Potentiometer Expansion Board

Product Code: NCD UPOT16-10K

UXP 16-Channel Programmable 10K Potentiometer Expansion Board
Brand: NCD

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Add Potentiometer to any UXP Port

This device adds 16 programmable potentiometers in 10K, 50K, or 100K values. Each output has a programmable resolution of 256 steps. The UPOT16 Expansion Module is compatible with any NCD Fusion and ProXR controllers equipped with a UXP expansion port.  This expansion is also compatible with potentiometer output controllers.  Simply plug the UPOT16 into any NCD Relay board that is equipped with a UXP Port to add potentiometer output to any new or existing system.

Resistance Output

Potentiometers have 3 Connections: A, Wiper, and B. When a low value is sent to the controller, the wiper moves closer to A, decreasing the resistance between A and the wiper (increasing the resistance between the wiper and B). When a high value is sent to the controller, the wiper moves closer to B, decreasing the resistance between the wiper and B (increasing the resistance between the wiper and A). The first 48 channels of wiper values can be set to a power-up default state. It is possible to set the wipers on all outputs individually or simultaneously.

You can send commands to program the output resistance of each individual output, or you program all outputs at the same time.  Other commands allow you to set the startup resistance of each output.   The ProXR command set allows you to send commands to activate relays, deactivate relays, control all the relays at one time, plus you can send commands that tell a relay to turn on for a few seconds, minutes, or hours.  You can assign 16 timers to any of the 256 relays, and set the timers to go off after the duration has expired.


  • This is an expansion module and must be connected to a compatible board to work. This board will NOT work on it’s own.
  • Please keep in mind; our POT series controllers offer a resistance output, and cannot provide a voltage output of any kind without additional electronics.
  • Integrated potentiometers are limited to applications that operate in the 0 to 5V range.
  • Each potentiometer has a maximum current capacity of 1ma. Exceeding these rating will immediately damage the controller.


  • Add 16 Programmable 10K Digital Potentiometers
  • Compatible with Fusion and ProXR UXP Series Controllers
  • Available with 10K, 50K, and 100K Digital Potentiometers
  • 8-Bit (256 Steps) of Resolution per Channel
  • Chain Together up to 256 Potentiometer Output Channels
  • 0-5VDC Operational Analog Potentiometer Output
  • Up to 1ma Current per Channel
  • Expands in a Daisy Chain Configuration with Supplied Cables
  • NOTICE: This device is an expansion module only and cannot be used alone
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