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Watch DevPack

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Add a display to your SensorTag with the Watch DevPack. Plug it into the SensorTag DevPack expansion header and expand your design with a 96 x 96 pixel graphical display from Sharp (LS013B4DN04). The display is designed for wearable applications, weather stations or any portable display application that is displaying information from the web.

An additional SensorTag outer rubber sleeve is included with the display if you want to cut an opening in the rubber to fit the display.

The Watch DevPack is powered from the SensorTag battery and based on ultra-low power display technology with typical current draw of 2uA.

Visit for more information and download software and design files.


  • Sharp LS013B4DN04 Memory LCD
    • 1.3-inch screen offering 96 x 96 pixels
    • Ultra-low power consumption
    • Provides excellent viewing angles and high contrast images or text
    • Display is controlled serially using SPI


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