Whitebox T2

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Whitebox T2
Whitebox T2
Whitebox T2
Whitebox T2

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A fast and easy way to read multiple EZO devices from an Arduino. The Whitebox T2 has 2 isolated EZO slots, a non-isolated EZO slot and 2 connectors for the 5 pin EZO Data devices. Built in electrical isolation means that sensors won’t interfere with each other and most outside electrical noise that can interfere with readings is eliminated. Because it’s an Arduino Shield, it simply plugs into any compliant Arduino.


• No wiring, no bread boards
• No soldering necessary, comes fully assembled
• Compatible with all Arduino boards using the R3 pin layout.
• Stack up to 3 shields to get 6 isolated EZO slots
• 3.3V and 5V compatible
• Whitebox T2 doesn’t come with EZO™ class devices.


pH OEM™ Circuit Whitebox T2 Documentation

pH OEM™ Circuit Whitebox T2 Mechanical drawing

pH OEM™ Circuit Protocols

EZO™ pH Circuit Whitebox T2 3D model (*.step)

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