WidowX 250 Robot Arm 6DOF

Product Code: TR KIT-WXA250-6DOF

WidowX 250 Robot Arm 6DOF
WidowX 250 Robot Arm 6DOF
WidowX 250 Robot Arm 6DOF
WidowX 250 Robot Arm 6DOF
WidowX 250 Robot Arm 6DOF

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The WidowX 250-6DOF Robot Arm is made for education and research with support for ROS (Melodic & Noetic), Moveit, Gazebo and MATLAB® as well as demos and instructional videos to help get you up and running with your platform in under an hour. The WidowX 250 6DOF offers 6 degrees of freedom and a payload capacity of 250g. The XSeries arms operate on the same central open-source code repository making it easy to transfer concepts from one platform to another. Perfect for the classroom, the WidowX 250 6DOF is ideal for applications such as vision-based pick & place, machine learning and artificial intelligence.
The WidowX 250 6DOF comes fully assembled and tested and is constructed from extremely rigid 20mm x 20mm extruded aluminum and aluminum construction. The arm sits on an industrial grade,slewing bearing for added stability and accuracy. The electronics are covered with a transparent acrylic shield to keep the electronics free from debris as well as with impact from the arm itself.

Examples of ReactorX-200 robotic arm grippers in 3D printing9 Dynamixel servomotors for a 100% programmable and ultra-precise arm.
If this robotic arm amazes us with its high precision of movement, it is because it is equipped with 9 Dynamixel servomotors from the XM and XL series. These latest-generation servos designed by Robotis feature high-performance torque, a solid and intelligent design, and above all, extensive programming possibilities according to your needs.

The high resolution of these servomotors allows this flexibility of movement that you will appreciate when using your mobile arm, project after project.

Technical specifications of the WidowX 250 6-axis Robotic Arm:-
Degrees of freedom: 6
Range: 650 mm
Total span: 1300 mm
Accuracy: 1 mm
Useful load: 250 g
Total number of servomotors: 9
Rotating wrist: yes

XM430-W350-T servomotors
XL430-W250-T servomotors
Dynamixel U2D2 controller
1 CM9.04c controller
1 12 V 10 A power supply
1 micro USB2 cable
WidowX 250 parts and equipment
Extra foam and rubber for the gripper
Drivers and additional hardware
Mounting material for the baseTrossen interbotix robotic arm comparison chart

WidowX 250 6 DOF robotic arm resources :- Find all the free resources of the WidowX 250 6-axis robotic arm :
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Dynamixel Servomotor Manuals:
XL430-W250 Manual (en)
XM430-W350 Manual (en)
Dynamixel SDK (en)
OpenCM E-Manual (en)
OpenCM IDE(en)

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