Zmod ADC 1410: SYZYGY-compatible Dual-channel 14-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter Module

Product Code: DG 410-396

Zmod ADC 1410: SYZYGY-compatible Dual-channel 14-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter Module
Brand: Digilent

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The Zmod ADC is one of Digilent's first SYZYGY-compliant expansion modules. The SYZYGY standard offers a much higher speed/bandwidth digital interface than Pmods, but at a much smaller and lower-cost form-factor than FMC, enabling the user to configure an FPGA development board with the right I/O for their application.

Driven by the SYZYGY carrier, the Zmod ADC can simultaneously acquire two ±25V signals with 14 bits of resolution at a sample rate up to 100MS/s. Analog inputs can be connected to a circuit using SMA cables. 

When coupled to a base board using SYZYGY expansion, like the Eclypse Z7 or Genesys ZU, the combination will serve as a powerful prototyping platform for instrumentation, high-speed control, and SDR products. By utilizing these expansion capabilities, users can spend more time on the analytical and system-level aspects of the solution rather than having to focus on the component-level interactions of the devices. 


  • Channels: 2

  • Channel type: single-ended

  • Resolution: 14-bit

  • Input range: ±1V (High Gain) or ±25V (Low Gain)

  • Absolute Resolution 0.13mV (High Gain) or 3.21mV (Low Gain)

  • Sample rate (real time): 100MS/s

  • Input impedance: 1MΩ||18pF

  • Analog bandwidth: 70 MHz+ @ 3dB, 30 MHz @ 0.5dB, 20 MHZ @ 0.1dB

  • Input protected to: ±50V

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