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Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and businesses are constantly evolving. Business owners need to find a cost effective solution to boost productivity and product quality. Entrepreneur need to be innovative in a industry in order to survive and thrive. Investing in the xArm is the solution to gain a competitive advantage and have a great ROI in the future.       

xArm is created to aid manufacturing systems that allow for leaps forward in labor productivity performance. With xArm, your productivity will improve by over 95%, and the investments spent are quickly earned back by decreased labor costs and increased in production.

xArm is designed with multiple axes that are perfect for repetitive tasks. 

Instead of hiring people to tend to your machines, where its prone to human error, the xArm’s highly calculated precision hardware design can operate your machines accurately.  

Once a 3D printer finish printing, the xArm detect it with its computer vision system and automatically unload the objects from the printer immediately.  

With the computer vision system of xArm, the robotics research will be much easier. We've cooperated with Intel to offer you a reliable solution and you can simply program the xArm with our open SDK.

Want to know what's the difference among them? Watch the video below!

xArm 5 Lite is affordable and the most cost-effective robotic arm among peers ($2,299), it can be widely used especially for pick-n-place task.

xArm 6 has a payload of 5 kg and repeat-ability of 0.1 mm, it delivers increased dexterity and flexibility, not to mention it is the best deal you can ever get among similar products on the market.

xArm 7 has built-in Harmonic Drive with 17bit Multi-turn Encoders, which brings human-like flexibility, and it is perfect for emerging industries such as AI research, service automation and filming, etc.

Traditional industrial robotic arms cost around $10,000 usd which makes it only accessible to large companies. The xArm is designed for small to mid-sized businesses with its best standard harmonic drive reducer, yet competitive pricing. 

xArm’s innovative features offers you a competitive advantage with guaranteed manufacturing excellence. 

Unlike the industrial-grade robotic arm which is  heavy and bulky to move around, xArm is lightweight and user-friendly, the handy and fast setup allows you to apply it to any process and in different setting.

xArm features a universal tool mount port which allows users to install different head tools according to their needs. It comes with the most commonly used end-actuators: gripper and vacuum system to help in various tasks.

With the built-in camera sensor that runs on Intel processor, the gripper is able to react with the environment and take actions accordingly.

Click to know how to pledge the Parallel Gripper as an add-on.  

With a payload of 5 kg and the length of 691 mm, xArm touts repeatability of +/- 0.1 mm, it enables xArm arms to far better replicate the movement of a real human arm and  incredible dexterity.

Facilitating robotic safety is a vital but complex undertaking, xArm integrates the current feedback combined with the dynamics compensation to sense the force precisely, if any collision happened, xArm will detect it and stop the moving in 0.5 s. 

*  Collision detection is available on xArm 6/xArm 7, but not available on xArm 5 Lite.

xArm overthrows the traditional robotic arm design with its stylish and sophisticated look, with its sleek carbon-fiber structure and it adds a sense of style and freshness to your workplace.

xArm features compact powertrain joint*. The customized outer rotor brushless motor combined with the built-in harmonic drive and 17 bit multi-turn encoders, creates high gear ratios, plus high torque capability, and delivers excellent repeatability, when repositioning inertial loads.

* All joints of xArm 6/ xArm 7 use Harmonic Drive; while, xArm 5 Lite uses Harmonic Drive and low-backlash gearbox.

xArm is crafted with carbon-fiber which is 50% lighter compared with the industrial robot, which not only delivers optimal robustness and but also endows it with great flexibility.

 xArm is powered by ARM X86 chip which is powerful enough to handle the complex controlling algorithm. With an optimized the control algorithm, guaranteeing a general standard for all the platform, which makes developers programming much easier!

If a shortage of advanced engineering workers is slowing your progress, don’t despair. We have revolutionized the way to control robots with hands on experience. simply teach xArm to move and it will repeat the path for you. No coding is required. By dragging - dropping the blocks, complex path can be done in 10 mins. 

xArm Studio support multiple-platforms enables you can control xArm not only with PC but also with your iPad or Android devices.   

xArm SDK include Python SDK, ROS SDK and C++ SDK. A fully upgradable software platform that can grow in capabilities to make it a lasting and worthy long-term investment.  


 Slow Motion Video

Serve You A Glass of Red Wine 

* The ambient temperature of xArm is 0-50 °C, and reduces when the joint continued for high-speed operation. 

* xArm 5 Lite include harmonic drive and low-backlash gearbox.


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