Arduino Mega 2560 Starter Kit Beginners - Mini

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Arduino Mega 2560 Starter Kit Beginners - Mini

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Arduino Mega 2560 Starter Kit - Mini


This kit includes bare minimum components to help you get started using Arduino Mega 2560.


Includes - 



  1. Arduino Mega 2560 R3 [Original Made in Italy] Microcontroller board x1
  2. Standard USB Cable x1
  3. Breadboard - Mini [You can choose any one color - [Black/Blue/Red/Yellow/Green/White] x1
  4. Hook- up Wire (5m) x1
  5. Project Box x1




  1. Button(Small) x2
  2. Potentiometer - 20K x1



  1. Resistor - 330ohm x5
  2. Resistor - 1K x5
  3. Resistor - 10k x2





  1. Assorted LED  [5mm] x10
  2. Piezo Buzzer x1
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