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Programmable logic technologies, such as field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), are an essential component of any modern circuit designer's toolkit. With their expansive capabilities uniquely suited to a wide array of applications, FPGAs are ideal for solving many of the problems facing the rapidly evolving technology sector. The key benefits of programmable logic technologies include immense flexibility, cost savings over custom silicon, and increased performance by hardware parallelism.

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Pmod 8LD: Eight High-brightness LEDs
The Digilent Pmod 8LD has eight high-brightness LEDs that are driven by logic level transistors..
Pmod ACL2: 3-axis MEMS Accelerometer
The Pmod ACL2 is a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer powered by the Analog Devices ADXL362. By communic..
Pmod ACL: 3-axis Accelerometer
The Pmod ACL is a 3-axis digital accelerometer module that provides input to a system board. Communi..
Pmod AD1: Two 12-bit A/D Inputs
The Digilent Pmod AD1 is a two channel, 12-bit analog-to-digital converter that features A..
Pmod AD2: 4-channel 12-bit A/D Converter
The Pmod AD2 is an analog-to-digital converter powered by the Analog Devices AD7991. Users may ..
Pmod AD5: 4-channel 4.8 kHz 24-bit A/D Converter
The Pmod AD5 is an analog-to-digital converter that utilizes a fourth order sigma-delta modulator, a..
Pmod Adapter for NI myRIO
With the Pmod Adapter for myRIO, you can now connect your myRIO to the expansive selection of Pmods ..
Pmod Adapter for NI roboRIO
With the Pmod Adapter for roboRIO, you can now connect your roboRIO to the expansive selection of Pm..
Pmod ALS: Ambient Light Sensor
The Digilent Pmod ALS demonstrates light-to-digital sensing through a single ambient light sens..
Pmod AMP2: Audio Amplifier
The Pmod AMP2 is a low power audio amplifier through the use of the Analog Devices SSM2377. Wit..
Pmod AMP3: Stereo Power Amplifier
The Pmod AMP3 uses a 2W Class-D audio power amplifier, the Analog Devices SSM2518 . Users ..
Pmod AQS: Digital Gas Sensor for Air Quality
  The Digilent Pmod AQS is a digital gas sensor for monitoring indoor air quality at low pow..
Pmod BB: Wire Wrap / Breadboard
The Pmod BB provides a ready-made solution for prototyping breadboard circuits. With the 2x6 pin hea..
Pmod BT2: Bluetooth Interface
The Pmod BT2 is a powerful peripheral module employing the Roving Networks® RN-42..
Pmod BTN: 4 User Pushbuttons
The Pmod BTN gives users four momentary pushbuttons for easy user inputs to a system board.  ..

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