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Programmable logic technologies, such as field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), are an essential component of any modern circuit designer's toolkit. With their expansive capabilities uniquely suited to a wide array of applications, FPGAs are ideal for solving many of the problems facing the rapidly evolving technology sector. The key benefits of programmable logic technologies include immense flexibility, cost savings over custom silicon, and increased performance by hardware parallelism.

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Pmod Cable Kit: 2x6-pin and 2x6 Pin to Dual 6-pin Pmod Splitter Cable
This kit is a handy accompaniment to your 12-pin Pmod. The extension cables let you locate your Pmod..
Pmod CAN: CAN 2.0B Controller with Integrated Transceiver
The Pmod CAN is a CAN 2.0B controller with an integrated transceiver. The embedded Microchip MC..
Pmod CDC1: Capacitative Input Buttons
The Pmod CDC1 is a capacitative sensor that uses the Analog Devices AD7156. By communicating wi..
Pmod Clip: Mechanical Mount for Pmod boards
Useful for securely attaching a Pmod to your project or application. Features: Works wit..
Pmod CLP: Character LCD with Parallel Interface
The PmodCLP utilizes a Samsung KS0066 LCD controller to display information to a 16x2..
Pmod CLS: Character LCD with Serial Interface
  The Pmod CLS is a character LCD module driven by the Atmel ATmega48 microcontrol..
Pmod CMPS2: 3-Axis Compass
The Digilent Pmod CMPS2 is a digital compass module using Memsic's MMC34160PJ magnetom..
Pmod COLOR: Color Sensor Module
The Digilent Pmod COLOR is a color sensor module with the ability to sense red, green, blue and clea..
Pmod CON1: Wire Terminal Connectors
The Pmod CON1 is a small module with six screw terminals to interface with external wires that are n..
Pmod CON3: R/C Servo Connectors
The Pmod CON3 can be easily used to interface with up to four small servo motors that deliver a..
Pmod CON4: RCA Audio Jacks
The Pmod CON4 allows users to connect their system to two RCA audio jacks. GPIO signals can be trans..
Pmod DA1: Four 8-bit D/A Outputs
The Pmod DA1 is an 8-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter powered by two Analog Devices AD7303. With..
Pmod DA2: Two 12-bit D/A Outputs
The Pmod DA2 is a 12-bit Digital-to-Analog converter powered by the Texas Instruments DAC121S10..
Pmod DA3: One 16-bit D/A Output
The Pmod DA3 is a 16-bit Digital-to-Analog converter powered by the Analog Devices AD5541A. The..
Pmod DA4: Eight 12-bit D/A Outputs
The Pmod DA4 is an 8 channel 12-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter run via the Analog Devices AD56..

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