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Programmable logic technologies, such as field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), are an essential component of any modern circuit designer's toolkit. With their expansive capabilities uniquely suited to a wide array of applications, FPGAs are ideal for solving many of the problems facing the rapidly evolving technology sector. The key benefits of programmable logic technologies include immense flexibility, cost savings over custom silicon, and increased performance by hardware parallelism.

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Pmod SF: 2 MB Serial Flash Memory
This product has been discontinued The Pmod SF provides users with 16Mbit of non-volatile memory ..
Pmod Shield: Adapter Board for Uno R3 Standard to Pmod
The Pmod Shield is an adapter board from the Uno R3 style shield headers present on many Digilent sy..
Pmod SSD: Seven-segment Display
The Pmod SSD is a two-digit seven-segment display. Users can toggle through GPIO signals which digit..
Pmod SSR: Solid State Relay Electronic Switch
The Pmod SSR is a solid state relay that features IXYS' CPC1908J. The Pmod SSR uses a switc..
Pmod STEP: Stepper Motor Driver
The Pmod STEP provides a four channel drive for a stepper motor via the ST L293DD. Users may wi..
Pmod SWT: 4 User Slide Switches
The Pmod SWT provides users with four slides switches for up to 16 different binary logic inputs to ..
Pmod TC1: K-Type Thermocouple Module with Wire
The Digilent Pmod TC1 is a cold-junction thermocouple-to-digital converter module designed for a cla..
Pmod TMP2: Temperature Sensor
The Pmod TMP2 is an ambient temperature sensor powered by the Analog Devices® ADT..
Pmod TMP3: Digital Temperature Sensor
The Pmod TMP3 is an ambient temperature sensor built around the Microchip TCN75A. Users ma..
Pmod ToF: Time of Flight Sensor
The Pmod ToF (Time of Flight) is a sensor that enables optical distance sensing at low power. The on..
Pmod TPH2: 12-pin Test Point Header
The Pmod TPH2 offers 12 external pin headers so that users can easily test the GPIO signals pas..
Pmod TPH: 6-pin Test Point Header
The Pmod TPH offers 6 external pin headers so that users can easily test the GPIO signals passing th..
Pmod USBUART: USB to UART Interface
The Pmod USBUART provides a USB to UART cross-conversion through the FTDI FT232R. Users may sen..
Pmod VGA: Video Graphics Array
The Pmod VGA provides a VGA port to any board with Pmod connectivity. The VGA port can be used to dr..
Pmod WiFi: WiFi Interface 802.11g
The Pmod WiFi provides Wi-Fi access through the Microchip® MRF24WG0MA Wi-Fi™ rad..

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