Colorful Pin Header Pack 1×40 2.54 mm

Product Code: MGSL 0198

Colorful Pin Header Pack 1×40 2.54 mm

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Every maker needs this 1×40 2.54 mm pitch header in their component drawers. If the typical black color bores you, we have these in a pack of 10 of red, yellow, white, green and black (2 pieces each).


The headers come in a mix of tin-plated finish and gold-flash-plated.


  • 10 pieces of 1×40 2.54 mm (0.1″) pitch of the following colors (2 each):
    • Red (gold-flash-plated)
    • Yellow (gold-flash-plated)
    • White (gold-flash-plated)
    • Green (tin-plated)
    • Black (tin-plated)
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