edX Embedded Systems 6.02x Kit

Product Code: MGSL edX 6.02x with Tiva

edX Embedded Systems 6.02x Kit
edX Embedded Systems 6.02x Kit
edX Embedded Systems 6.02x Kit
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This Kit is designed to help complete edX - Embedded Systems 6.02x by UTAustinX course with

Course Code:UT.6.02x

Classes Start:21 Jan 2015

Course Length:15 weeks

Estimated effort:10 hours per week

The Items included in the Kit are - 


Tiva C Series - TM4C123GXL x1

Breadboard x1

Jumper Wires M/M Pack of 65Pcs x 1

Project Box x1


Carbon 1/4W resistor, 5%, 470 x10

Carbon 1/4W resistor, 5%, 1.0k x10

Carbon 1/4W resistor, 5%, 1.5k x10

Carbon 1/4W resistor, 5%, 12k x10

Carbon 1/4W resistor, 5%, 10k x10

Burg Strip x1


Push Button Switch 12mm With Round Capx4

Stereo Headphone Jack x1

Slide Potentiometer (5-50K) (1-5cm) x1


Green LED 5mm x5

Red LED 5mm x5

Yellow LED 5mm x5

RGB Led 5mm x1

Nokia 5110 lcd module x1



Computer programming course in any language with exposure to variables, arithmetic, logic, loops, and functions. High school physics course covering current, voltage, resistance, and power.


Yes this kit includes the optional Nokia 5110 lcd module required to complete the last project in this course!

Here's wishing you a good luck for the course. Hope you do well!


And do let us know your scores we might throw in some surprise freebies!


Read the reviews of people taken this course last year :Here

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