Smart Agriculture

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Plug & Sense! Smart Agriculture
The Smart Agriculture models allow to monitor multiple environmental parameters involving a wide ran..
Smart Agriculture IoT Vertical Kit
This kit enables monitoring of environmental parameters in agriculture, vineyards, greenhouses or go..
Leaf Wetness sensor probe
Sensor specifications (Leaf Wetness) Resistance Range: 5 kΩ ~ >2 MΩ Output Volt..
Luminosity sensor probe
Sensor specifications (Luxes accuracy) Dynamic range: 0.1 to 40000 Lux Spectral range: 300 &nd..
Soil moisture 1.5m sensor probe
     Sensor specifications (Watermark) Measurement range: 0 ~ 200 cb Frequency ..
Soil temperature (DS18B20) sensor probe
Sensor specifications (DS18B20) Measurement range: [-55 ºC,+125 ºC] Output voltage..
Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Sensor Probe
Specification Electrical characteristics Supply voltage: 3.3 V Sleep current typical: 0.1 μ..
Ultrasound Sensor Probe
I2CXL-MaxSonar®-MB7040™ Operation frequency: 42 kHz Maximum detection distance: 76..
Weather station WS-3000 probe
Sensor specifications (Anemometer) Sensitivity: 2.4 km/h / turn Wind Speed Range: 0 ~ 240 km/h..

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