Waspmote Plug & Sense!: technology ready to install
Waspmote Plug & Sense! is the the best option to use in commercial deployments. It has been designed with a robust waterproof enclosure that
simplifies installation and maintenance process. Moreover, you can order them factory-programmed saving you development costs and time. The
result is a ready to install and easy to deploy sensor device that reduces time to market in any application. You can focus on your customer and forget
about the sensing part. Besides, the platform is market-ready because it is certified for the main regions in the world.

Any scenario
• 110+ sensors available, up to 6 sensors per sensor device
• Communication: 802.15.4, 868 MHz, 900 MHz, WiFi, 4G, Sigfox and LoRaWAN 

For real projects
• Robust waterproof IP65 enclosure
• Solar powered with internal and external panel options

Fast installation
• Factory-programmed and configured
• Special holders and brackets to install in street lights and building fronts
• On / Off external button
• External socket for SIM card

Easy maintenance
• Remote firmware upgrades of multiple nodes at once (OTAP)
• Replace or add a sensor probe in seconds
• External, contactless device-reset with magnet

Fully certified
• CE (Europe)
• FCC (US)
• IC (Canada)
• ANATEL (Brazil)
• RCM (Australia)
• PTCRB (cellular certification for US)
• AT&T (cellular
for US)

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