PH SENSOR for Hydroponics

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PH SENSOR for Hydroponics
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The Smart Water model has been conceived to facilitate the remote monitoring of the most relevant parameters related to water quality. With this platform you can measure more than 14 parameters, including the most relevant for water control such as dissolved oxygen, oxidation-reduction potential, pH, conductivity, dissolved ions (Na+, Ca+, F-, Cl-, Br-, I-, Cu2+, K+, Mg2+, NO3-) and temperature.

Sensor type: Combination electrode
Measurement range: 0~14pH
Temperature of operation: 0~80ºC
Zero electric potential: 7±0.25p
Response time: <1min
Internal resistance: ≤250MΩ
Repeatability: 0.017
PTS: >98.5
Noise: <0.5mV
Alkali error: 15mV
Reader accuracy: up to 0.01 (in function of calibration)

You will be able to calibrate this sensor using PH Calibration Kit

For more information, see the following article.

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