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The Pololu Zumo chassis is a small, tracked robot platform that is less than 10 cm on each side — small enough to qualify for Mini Sumo competitions — and works with a variety of micro metal gearmotors to allow for a customizable combination of torque and speed. You can use this chassis as the base for your custom robot or get one of our more complete Zumo robots, which include electronics designed specifically for the Zumo chassis.

The video below introduces the first of these such robots, the Zumo robot for Arduino:




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#3124 Zumo 32U4 Robot Kit (No Motors) 9499.00 48      
#2510 Zumo Robot for Arduino, (Assembled with 75:1 HP Motors) 9499 215 98mm × 98mm × 39mm1 5.822  
#2509 Zumo Robot Kit for Arduino,  (No Motors) 3399 147      
#2508 Zumo Shield for Arduino, v1.2 2399 28      
#1419 Zumo Reflectance Sensor Array 799 214 2.6" × 0.6"3 0.134 40
#1410 Basic Sumo Blade for Zumo Chassis 299 65 44 × 98 × 0.91 mm 1.0  
#1418 Zumo Chassis Kit (No Motors) 1849 82 98 x 86 x 39 mm 7.55  



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Zumo Robot for Arduino, v1.2 (Assembled with 75:1 HP Motors)
The Zumo robot for Arduino is an Arduino-controllable tracked robot platform that is less than 10&nb..

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