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  • A remote controller for controlling ROBOTIS Robots.
  • Addition of exclusive connector for installing BT-210.
  • Supports IR, Zigbee, and Bluetooth communications.  
  • Unlike other products whose circuits/batteries are exposed, the circuits of the RC-100B are protected in a case to promote safety.  
  • When the controller is not used for a specific duration, the RC-100B automatically triggers a power-saver mechanism and turns the controller off to conserve the battery.  
  • The 10 buttons on the controller supports up to 1023 different button combinations. 
  • Each button has its own output signal, therefore the user only needs to program the motions to correspond to the designated RC-100B button. 

Package Components

RC-100B 1
Instructions 1

* Does not include: AA battery, IRreceiver, Wireless Modules (ZIGBee, Bluetooth)  

H/W Specifications

Size 138mm x 105mm x 36mm

Operating Voltage : 3V (DC)

Power consumption : 0.07W

Battery : Alkaline (LR6) AA Battery  x 2

Input Buttons

11 (Includes power/Mode button)

1023 different button combinations are supported.

Communication Method

-IR communication (basic)

-Zigbee communication (Automatically switches to ZIG-100 upon mounting the device)

-Bluetooth communication (Automatically switches to BT-100 upon mounting the device)

Compatible Products

IR Communication

-> IR receiver IR-10

Zigbee communication

-> ZIG-100Set (CM-5, CM-2+ user)

-> ZIG-110ASet (CM-100/510/530/700 user)

Bluetooth communication 

-> BT-110ASet (Discontinued)

-> BT-100 + BT-210 Set

-> BT-410


RC-100A / 100B Comparison RC - 100
Red using embedded infrared ray Red

mounting wireless Module


Available wireless Module
O ZIG - 100 SET O
O ZIG - 110 SET O
O ZIG - 110A SET O
O BT - 110A SET X
O BT - 100A + BT - 210 SET X

Does not support IR communication with AX-S1.


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