ProtoSnap - MiniBot Kit

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ProtoSnap - MiniBot Kit

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Do you want to explore the field of robotics but don't know where to start? The ProtoSnap MiniBot is a low-cost introduction to robotics for hobbyists, students and educators. The MiniBot is an Arduino-compatible platform which makes it ideal for people just learning to program as well as experienced Arduino users. And since it's built on the ProtoSnap architecture, once you've exhausted the potential of the kit as-is, you can break it apart and use the components to make other robots.

The ProtoSnap MiniBot is designed to act as a versatile platform for teaching and learning robotics by providing an Arduino-compatible controller, motor controller board, IR proximity sensors and lots of prototyping space all on one simple board. It even comes pre-programmed with a simple obstacle-avoidance sketch which calibrates the IR sensors to the ambient light then rolls forward until it detects a wall, then turns and keeps on going. 

This kit comes with everything you need to get your MiniBot up and running, including an assembly guide with step-by-step instructions. You can also check out the tutorial below!

Note: Remember, MiniBot is Arduino-compatible! Download the Arduino IDE to get started programming. Also, you'll need to download the FTDI drivers before you can connect it to your computer, you can find that download link in the documents below.

Kit Includes:

On the Board:

  • 5V Uno-compatible Pro Mini microcontroller
  • FTDI Basic Breakout
  • 2 x IR Sensor Breakout
  • TB6612FNG Motor Driver Board
  • Prototyping Area
  • Mounting Holes!




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