BeagleBone Black

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BeagleBone Black
BeagleBone Black
BeagleBone Black
BeagleBone Black
Brand: Seeedstudio

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This product has been discontinued

As a new open hardware star from BeagleBoard family, BeagleBone Black is coming! It's a credit-card sized but high performance embedded computer, carrying a powerful 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, armed with abundant but necessary I/O, and fabulous maker-friendly Interface. This ultra-powered BeagleBone Black features its HDMI, 512MB of RAM, 2GB onboard storage using eMMC.


Compared with other developing platforms, BeagleBone Black is focusing on higher expansion, lower cost and more developed operation ecosystems, providing an easier access to software and tools. OS such as Linux/Android/Ubuntu are supported, Its industry standard interface and a set of toolboxes build up fancy bridges to your projects.


Help yourself explore the way to your mind blowing products with BeagleBone!


Package list

  • BeagleBone Black
  • miniUSB to USB Type A Cable
  • Instruction card



  • Processor: Sitara AM3359AZCZ100 1GHz, 2000 MIPS
  • SDRAM: 512MB DDR3L 800MHZ
  • Flash eMMC: 2GB, 8Bit
  • Debug Support: Optional Onboard 20-pin CTI JTAG
  • Power: MiniUSB or DC jack / 5V via headers
  • PCB: 6 Layers, 3.4" x 2.1"
  • Indicators: 1-Power, 2-Ethernet, 4-User Controllable LEDs
  • HS USB 2.0 Client Port: Access to USB0, Client mode via miniUSB
  • HS USB 2.0 Host Port: USB Type A Socket, 500ma LS/FS/HS
  • Serial Port: UART0 access via 6 pin header. Header is populated
  • Ethernet: 10/100 RJ45
  • SD/MMC: microSD, 3.3V
  • User Input: Reset Button, Boot Button, Power Button
  • Video Out: 16b HDMI w/CEC
  • Audio: Via HDMI Interface, Stereo
  • Expansion: 5V and 3.3V power, VDD_ADC(1.8V), 3.3V I/O on all signals, McASP0,SPI1,
  • I2C, GPIO(65), LCD, GPMC, MMC1, MMC2, 7 AIN (1.8V Max), XDMA Interrump, Power
  • button, Expansion Board ID, (Up to 4 can be stacked).
  • Weight - 1.4oz
  • This is REV A5A, and latest one is A5B. There is NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL in
  • functionality between REV A5A and REV A5B


More info, please click here


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