TF03 LiDAR(Long-range distance sensor)

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TF03 LiDAR(Long-range distance sensor)
TF03 LiDAR(Long-range distance sensor)
Brand: Benewake

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TF03 is a industrial high-speed LiDAR, It contains two versions with 100m and 180m. TF03 includes compensation algorithms for outdoor glare and other interference, so it works normally under strong light environment and rain, fog and snow conditions. Different built-in operating modes let customers change parameters and configuration to meet their need.

Excellent Performance, Compact Size

TF03 adopts the pulsed time-of-flight principle. The unique design of the optical system and the signal processing circuit improved the detecting performance in a compact size. In addition to increasing the range to more than 100 meters, the key parameters also have excellent performance in the whole range, such as distance resolution, accuracy, repeatability and detection frequency.

High Enclosure Rate, Multiple Interfaces

The shell of TF03 is made of aluminum alloy and infrared band-pass glass to improve the overall strength. The enclosure rate is IP67, which can be applied in various extreme environments. 

The TF03 supports multiple interfaces, including UART, CAN, RS232 and RS485, which can satisfy different applications.


  • TF03-100 UART/CAN
Operating Range 0.1-100m
Frame rate 1Hz-10KHz
Enclosure rating IP67
Communication interface UART/CAN/IO
FOV 0.5°
Weight 77g±3g
  • TF03-180 UART/CAN
Operating Range 0.1-180m
Frame Rate 1Hz-10KHz
Enclosure Rating IP67
Communication Interface UART/CAN/IO
FOV 0.5°
Weight 77g±3g


Industrial Safety Distance Warning - Tower Crane

There is no small matter in the field of industry, with 10k Hz frequency and customized measuring range, Benewake LiDAR could warn in safety distance and trigger alarm system to decrease accident rate in all kinds of industrial environment. Now Benewake LiDAR has been applied all kinds of tower crane devices in large number and safety distance alarm has been realized.

Perimeter Security

Perimeter security means guarding around the building. The traditional method by leaving some screen and blocks and patrolling by people is not adaptable to current security demands, Benewake LiDAR can be applied in factory, bank, prison and some other environment by the features of difficult to influenced by environment.

Industrial Robot

People have higher safety requirement for robots as they are increasingly applied. This is particularly true for their safety performance. And robots are becoming more intelligent with the advancement of technology. Safety is primary concern in human-machine interaction. Robot is tested for any collision with human for safety to maximize protection of human and allow robot to identify human presence. In this way, robot will stop work in progress when necessary in protection of human.

Vehicle crash warning

Vehicle crash warning system is an intelligent device to avoid collision. Signal collection system as an important part, Benewake LiDAR could be installed in private car, special engineering vehicle and so on to warn within 180 meters.


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