edX Electronic Interfaces EE40LX Kit

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edX Electronic Interfaces EE40LX Kit

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This Kit is designed to help complete edX - Electronic Interfaces: Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds course  by UC BerkeleyX with

Course Code:EE40LX

Classes Start:20 Jan 2015

Course Length:12 weeks

Estimated effort:6 - 10 hours/week

The Items included in the Kit are - 


MSP430 LaunchPad x1

Breadboard x1

Breadboard jumper wire 65Pcs(Male to Male) x1

Breadboard jumper wire(Male to Female) x10

Hookup Wires 2m

Project Box x1


OPA4344 Quad Amp x1

OPA2344 Dual Amp x1

Duracell 9V Battery x1

9V snap connector x1

LM1086 3.3V Regulator x1


BC547 (NPN transistor) x2

Metal Film 1/4W resistor, 5%, 300 x5

Carbon 1/4W resistor, 5%, 1.0k x10

Carbon 1/4W resistor, 5%, 2.7k x10

Carbon 1/4W resistor, 5%, 10k x10

Carbon 1/4W resistor, 5%, 100k x10

Capacitor 10UF, 50V - 5

Capacitor 1UF, 25V -5

Burg Strip x1


Photocell x2

Electret mic x1

Push Button Switch 12mm With Round Cap x4



Green LED 5mm x5

Red LED 5mm x5

Yellow LED 5mm x5

RGB Led 5mm x1

DC Motor x2

Piezo Buzzer x1



Here's wishing you a good luck for the course. Hope you do well!


And do let us know your scores we might throw in some surprise freebies!


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