GPRS/GSM Quadband Module for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Intel Galileo (Sim900)

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GPRS/GSM Quadband Module for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Intel Galileo (Sim900)
GPRS/GSM Quadband Module for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Intel Galileo (Sim900)
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NOTE: This product is compatible with ArduinoRaspberry Pi and Intel Galileo boards. See below the links to each of the tutorials.

GPRS/GSM Quadband Module for Arduino (SIM900) offers GPRS connection to your Arduino board.
It includes the SIM900 communication module from SIMCom. It is necessary an antenna in order to establish a communication.
You can send SMS, make calls or create TCP and UDP sockets in order to send the information to the Internet. HTTP and FTP protocols are also available in order to send the information to the cloud directly from your Arduino.

Tutorial Arduino: GPRS/GSM (SIM900)
Tutorial Raspberry Pi: GPRS/GSM (SIM900)
Tutorial Intel Galileo: GPRS/GSM (SIM900)
AT Commands
SIM900 Module Info

NOTE: The Arduino/Raspberry Pi jumper MUST be in Arduino position. The Raspberry Pi position should be used only if the shield is connected to a Raspberry Pi. A wrong position of this jumper can damage the GPRS shield.

Differences between SIM900 and HiLo Modules

  • GPRS_Pro performs the same actions that GPRS module (some functions had been enhanced) and new functions has been added such as multiconnection for TCP/IP and UDP/IP clients, audio control or operator selection.
  • Regarding power consumption it has been reduced from 56µA to 30µA in power down mode (GPRS_OFF power mode).
  • The SIM900 module improves TCP/IP and UDP/IP connections adding new features such as TCP/IP server and multiconnection mode that allows up to 8 TCP/UDP clients or up to 7 TCP/UDP clients and 1 TCP/IP server. Extra functions such as autosending timer, add IP headers, setting DNS servers,... have been added.
  • Also uploading and downloading functions have been upgraded to allow selecting the origin and destiny folder into the SD card and FTP server.
  • New functions allow to manage speaker level, Calling Line Identification (CLI) , mute, call alert. Also GSM/GPRS operator connection can be managed with functions such as get current operator, set preferred operator list, get cell information.

Important! Powering the board. You need an External Power Supply.

NOTE: If you are looking for a complete solution to use 3G, GPRS and A-GPS, you can use our 3G/GPRS shield for Arduino (3G + GPS) or our Kit with Audio/Video

NOTE: If you are looking for a complete GPRS+GPS Solution, don't hesitate to visit our GPRS+GPS Quadband Module for Arduino/Raspberry Pi (SIM908).


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