Waspmote Gprs + Gps Module

Product Code: CH-WGPRS-GPS

Waspmote Gprs + Gps Module
Waspmote Gprs + Gps Module
Brand: Cooking Hacks

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SIM908 (SIM Com)
Quadband: 850MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz
TX Power: 2W (Class 4) 850MHz/900MHz, 1W (Class 1) 1800MHz/1900MHz
Sensitivity: -109dBm
Antenna connector: UFL
External Antenna: 0dBi
Consumption in sleep mode: 1mA to 1,5mA
Consumption in power down mode: 0μA

GPS features:

Time-To-First-Fix 30s (typ.)
  - Tracking: -160 dBm
  - Acquisition: -143 dBm
Accuracy horizontal position : <2.5m CEP
Power consumption (GSM engine in idle mode)
  - Acquisition : 77mA
  - Tracking : 76mA


There are 2 different GPRS modules, the GPRS+GPS module and the GPRS module (also known GPRS Pro module). The GPRS module offers GPRS connectivity. The GPRS+GPS module offers exactly the same GPRS features, and adds GPS features too. Both modules are controlled in the same way for the GPRS features: the software library is the same. This is the guide for the GPRS+GPS module. If you are not interested in adding GPS features to your GPRS module, you may consider the GPRS module.

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