Particle Mesh Ultimate Bundle (US)

Product Code: BNDL-MULT

Particle Mesh Ultimate Bundle (US)
Particle Mesh Ultimate Bundle (US)
Brand: Particle

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When Wi-Fi or cellular alone isn’t enough, when you’re ready to build the ultimate mesh network, the only choice left is the Particle Mesh Ultimate Bundle. Two gateways, three end points, and the accessories you need to launch your next mesh networking project. Particle Mesh means you can create local networks that collect data, share messages, and connect to the Internet through a Particle gateway.

The Argon can act as a gateway between your home Wi-Fi network and your local Particle Mesh network. The Boron is a powerful LTE cellular board that can act as a gateway between your local Particle Mesh network and the internet or be used as a standalone device. Also included are three Xenons so you can start to experiment with a multi-device Particle Mesh network.

The included Particle FeatherWing Tripler is perfect for any prototyping project. The Tripler provides space to add-on up to two FeatherWing accessories without any stacking header needs.

The Particle Ethernet FeatherWing is the fastest way to add wired connectivity to your Argon, Boron, or Xenon and turns any Particle Mesh development kit into an Ethernet gateway.

And, last but certainly not least, the bundle includes the Particle Debugger, which gives you the power of professional debugging at a fraction of the cost. Using this accessory, you’ll be able to program Particle mesh-ready hardware over common interfaces like JTAG and SWD, using open source tools like GDB. JTAG ribbon cable included.

The Device Cloud for Particle Mesh is priced by network. All Particle customers get 10 free micro networks using a Wi-Fi or Ethernet gateway. Alternatively, all customers get 3 free months of Device Cloud access for micro networks using a cellular gateway. A micro network is defined as a network with 10 total devices and a single gateway.


  • For full details on each individual product, please refer to the docs here:
  • The Argon, Boron LTE, and Xenon meet the Feather specification in dimensions and pinout
  • The Argon is FCC, CE, and IC certified. The Boron LTE is FCC and PTCRB certified.
  • All products in the bundle are RoHS compliant (lead-free)
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