New Vision Camera Kit with improved uArm Controller

Product Code: MGSL Vision Camera Kit

New Vision Camera Kit with improved uArm Controller
New Vision Camera Kit with improved uArm Controller
New Vision Camera Kit with improved uArm Controller
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The Vision Camera Kit is a comprehensive kit based on the OpenMVCamera and specially designed Arduino based uArm controller. The kit includes the uArm controller, the OpenMV camera, USB cables and even a color block.  The camera has a 2.8mm focal distance and a FOV of 115 degree you can implement computer vision in real life.

Making things smarter with Camera Vision

Machine Vision for all levels

The kit is an effective way to play around with and develop cool projects like object recognition and color recognition. 

It’s designed for makers and hobbyist of all levels.
It communicates with the surrounding environment with computer vision and effortlessly transfers codes with the wide array of I/O pins on the controller.

Pre-installed DEMOs

As a beginner, you need not worry about learning how to code from scratch. With the pre-installed codes in the uArm controller and the steps that come up on the OLED screen, you can easily navigate and get a simpler and instant understanding of how to put the camera vision kit to use without having to go through the pain of understanding complex codes. 

Thanks to the OLED screen on the controller, you could get information directly from the controller easily instead of connecting the PC.

Advanced functions

For the professionals who are already For the professionals who are already aware of the coding world, the OpenMV camera adds functional benefits to your robotic setup. 

The kit allows you to automatically pick and place objects based on color identification, perform line detection easily, capture and comprehend images, color and faces, and also has an ultra-wide lens to see through distance.

Benefits and user efficiency

This set comes uArm controller which is a multipurpose Arduino based motherboard. This allows you to work along with other Arduino based robot gadgets like controller enables you to work around with a conveyer belt or even a slider.

The uArm controller also contains a joystick which is also useful for controlling the robot arm from the tip of your fingers and an essential add-on for all gamers.

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