uArm Geek Kit

Product Code: MGSL uArm Geek Kit

uArm Geek Kit
uArm Geek Kit
uArm Geek Kit
uArm Geek Kit
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The uArm Geek Kit comes with the uArm Gripper and Vision Kit. It empowers uArm with the vision to load and unload materials, pick and place objects with ease. Based on Arduino, uArm Geek Kit is fully open-source hardware modules for every developer!

A Smart uArm Desk-Sidekick for Amateurs & Professionals

What is Geek Kit?

uArm Geek Kit project is designed for developers interested in computer vision, artificial intelligence, and data collection, to conduct wide application with uArm in their hobby or professional projects, like biology, geography, medical care and more. 

Vision Camera, and Gripper 
Inside the Kit

Everybody wants to have a more intelligent robot. Thegripper is one of the most useful accessories for uArm to pick-n-place of various objects. By pairing it with the Vision Kit, it allows the uArm to have sight. 

Applicable in a Variety of Fields

This uArm Geek Kit facilitates uArm to track and differentiate objects completing tasks more efficiently and precisely. We keep everything of this Geek Kit open-source and affordable, which is easier for you to explore the uArm’s potential in different fields.



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