uArm Controller

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uArm Controller
uArm Controller
uArm Controller
uArm Controller
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This open-sourced controller board is designed for uArm Robotic System. It enables you to control more than 2 pieces of uArm and add-ons at the same time with various hardware peripherals such as Digital IO Extension, Micro SD Card Slot, USB Input, Type C, etc. And it supports C/C++ programing language under Arduino IDE.

An Exclusive Controller Make the Most Out of Your uArm

It is designed as a motherboard for the uArm Robotic System. With this controller, you can control multiple uArm Swift Pro as well as connected with other accessories like the laser kit or vision kit; something you can't do with other motherboards.

Simplify The Programming Process

Unlike other motherboards for uArm and other hardware, this controller is a shortcut to bypass all those complicated algorithm works! Simply plug it in the board, select “Arduino MEGA2560” from the board menu and upload the code to start your project. 

Better Hardware Compatibility

It supports multiple hardware peripherals including theDigital I/O Extension, Micro SD Card Slot, USB Input,Type C, buttons and more. With the these I/O Extension, you can easily get real-time updates of your project without hooking it up to a PC.

From Controller To Joystick

The uArm controller is not only designed for uArm robotic system. It could also be use to meet your daily DIY needs. It features buttons and various sensors to transform your controller into a joystick for Snake.


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