uArm Creative Kit

Product Code: MGSL uArm Creative Kit

uArm Creative Kit
uArm Creative Kit
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The uArm Creative Kit bridges the gap between technology and art! This kit transforms the uArm into an artistic arm with its universal holder, laser head, and 3D printing kit. All of the uArm end-effectors available in this set are plug-n-play and super easy to use for non-engineers.

Unleash Your Inner Artist!

A Universal Holder Is inside the Kit!

Simply insert any pen, pencil, or paintbrush into the universal holder and program the uArm to start creating a work of art. Besides a pen, users can also customize it with a LED light for a light show and much more!

Engrave a Piece of Artwork with 
Laser Head 

Another component in this kit is the laser end-effector. It supports both outline and grey-scale engraving. Permanently engrave your creative designs and take personalize to a whole new level with the uArm laser.

3D Printing Turns uArm as a Sidekick 

With the 3D printing set, the uArm makes prototype your ideas easily and rapidly. It supports 1.75mm PLA materials, and you can print as 5cm*5cm*5cm to 15cm*15cm*15cm sized objects.



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