uArm Universal Holder

Product Code: MGSL uArm Universal Holder

uArm Universal Holder
uArm Universal Holder
uArm Universal Holder
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The Aluminium universal holder with 14mm clamp hole diameter is designed to help you with automation task such as painting, writing. Simply squeezing-n-releasing the mechanical design, the object inserted will be automatically secured.

Universal Holder is an Automation Task Saver  

Easy to Set Up

Simply insert the object into the holder and easily program the uArm actions with the uArm studio or the plethora of compatible coding languages. 

You can also guide uArm motions in real time to teach the uArm the path of movements in the learning mode for easy task automation.

Highly Versatile

The 14mm diameter clamp is compatible with a wide variety of objects. For example, if you would like to draw a picture, then inset a pen, pencil or even a paint brush to create away. 

Want to program something practical? Place a spoon in the clamp and instruct it to stir a pot of pasta or cup of coffee. The possibilities are limitless with the Universal Holder. 

Widely Applied in Industrial Testing

Using the Universal holder, we designed a professional solution with touch stylus pen to help several companies in telecommunication to test their touchscreen product. 



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