uArm Gripper

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uArm Gripper
uArm Gripper
uArm Gripper
uArm Gripper
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This gripper is made of Aluminium and with 800g clamping force. With the built-in sensor feedback module, it allows you to pick-n-place objects with planar or non-planar surfaces and inflated objects without damaging them. With the help of the exclusive uArm studio, this gripper can be easily set up.

All-Round Gripper For Inflated & Non-Planar Objects

Most Widely Used Add-on 
by Developers & Hobbyists

The metallic gripper comes with a grasp range of 0 to 40mm, it can grasp objects as slim as a needle or as big as a cup. The built-in sensor feedback module enables uArm to interact with the environment in real-time.

Grasp Irregular Objects With Ease

Unlike the suction cup, this gripper is designed to maximize the operationality and handle objects with planar or non-planar surfaces, or even inflated objects. 

A layer of rubber is added to the robotic arm to increase the friction and enhance the gripping stability.

Fast Setup and Python Programming  

It is a metallic gripper and you can set the gripper movement path with programming languages.   
You can also control gripper movements with a simple click that we've simplified the process by allowing users to program with our uArm Studio software. 

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