uArm Laser Kit

Product Code: MGSL uArm Laser Kit

uArm Laser Kit
uArm Laser Kit
uArm Laser Kit
uArm Laser Kit
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This dedicate Laser Kit with 405nm wavelength can be used on many materials. (e.g. Wood, Plastic, Leather, Feather, Paper). Supports almost all image formats, users can choose between profile or grayscale however you desire. With the help of the exclusive uArm studio, this laser kit can be easily set up. Programmers can also use Python API to design for more control.

Satisfy Your Engraving Design With A Dedicate Laser Kit 

Engrave with Different Materials

Now, you can engrave your creative designs anywhere anytime. With the 405nm wavelength, it can create intricate engravings on any surface whether it’s wood, leather, paper, or even feather. 

Support Most Image Formats

uArm laser head tool is user-friendly and can support most image formats without the need for further conversion. It also supports 2 different modes, so you can choose to engrave in the original profile or export it to grayscale. 

One-Size-Fits-All Approach  

The uArm Studio's one-size-fits-all approach accommodates both master engravers and beginners with its simplified process. And programmers could use Python API to realize further control.


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