Arduino Starter Kit - Beginners with Original Arduino Board

Product Code: MGSL KIT- 7101

Arduino Starter Kit - Beginners with Original Arduino Board
Arduino Starter Kit - Beginners with Original Arduino Board
Brand: MG Super LABS

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Contents of this kit are listed with classifications as follows:-


 1    x Arduino UNO R3
 1    x Premium USB Cable
 1    x Breadboard
 1    x Hookup Wires(10m)
 10  x Jumper Wires(M/M)
 1    x Project Box


 1  x Motion Detector (PIR Sensor) with F/F Cable
 1  x Light Sensor (Photocell)
 1  x Temperature Sensor(LM35)
 2  x Button(Large)
 4  x Button(Small)
 1  x Potentiometer (20kΩ)
 2  x Infrared Sensor(Tx-Rx Pair 5mm)
 1  x TV Remote Sensor(TSOP 1738)


 10 x Resistor - 330Ω
 10 x Resistor - 1 kΩ
 5   x Resistor - 10 kΩ
 3   x Resistor - 1 MΩ
 1   x Shift Register(74HC595)
 1   x ULN2003
 1   x Motor Driver(L293D)
 2   x NPN Transistor(2N2222)
 1   x FET Power Transistor 
 2   x Diode (Rectifier)
 1   x Diode (Zener)
 2   x Capacitor(0.1uF)
 1   x Burg Strip(1x40)
 1   x DC Barrel Jack Adapter - Male


 1   x DC Motor
 1   x RGB LED(Diffused)
 5   x Red LED(Red Diffused)
 5   x Green LED(Diffused)
 5   x Yellow LED(Diffused)
 5   x White LED(Super Bright)
 1   x Piezo Buzzer
 2   x 7 Segment Display
 1   x 16x2 Charachter LCD



Select the USB cable upgrade on the basis of board option you choose -
USB A to B cable is suitable for the following-
1. Arduino Uno
2. Arduino Mega

USB A to Micro B for the following(Commonly used with smartphones) -
1.Arduino Leonardo
2.Arduino Yun
3.Arduino Micro

You can also choose the color of mini Breadboard, simple mention the color in comments while placing order.

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